Apr 28

Get a Guided Tour of Africa with a Stunning Escort from london

Many people dream of making a trip to Africa, but only a few ever actually make it. Budget is too restrictive to many people. Others are simply too busy. For some, it is just too difficult to find a companion to join you on the trip. Unfortunately, this means that many people don’t get to fulfil their dream. The good news though is that any  London escort with PalaceVIP is happy to join you. Jenny, 33, loves Africa and knows a lot about it so she makes an excellent companion.

Love at First Sight

Jenny first visited Africa on a business trip to hold meetings with some local eCommerce stores and fell in love straight away. “I only went on business to begin with and wasn’t expecting much”, she said. “I was very pleasantly surprised though and I just fell in love with the place straight away”, “Africa is just magical”, she added. “The people are just amazing, they made me feel at home straight away”. “As soon as I left I was counting the days until I could return again”, she added.

“People often seem to think Africa is all about safari, but it has so much more to offer then that”, she said. “During my visits here I have discovered so much that others miss and I am happy to share these discoveries with my clients”. “Take me to Africa with you and I will show you a side of Africa that the vast majority of people miss”. “Forget the brochures, they don’t do the continent justice”. “It’s such a shame that so many people miss the best bits because they only go with tour companies”, she added.

A Fun Companion

In addition to knowing where to go to get the most of your trip, Jenny also has a great personality. “I just love to have a good time no matter what”, she said. “My parents said I always naughty growing up and that mischievousness has stayed with me in adulthood”. “I am enjoying myself the most when other people around me are laughing”, she said. “My clients always tell me that I am a lot of fun to be with, and they often book me again when they want a good time”, she added.

Jenny can be contacted through her agency and is always willing to go on a trip to Africa. She will be looking forward to showing you a great time on a great continent.