Jan 04

The Pharmacist Helping Africa’s Poor with Remedies

Many of the people that are living in Africa are living in abject poverty. Many survive on a day to day basis, with only just enough to pay for food and shelter. Many often go hungry. Such a life will, unfortunately, also promote poor health. To make matters worse, the people cannot afford remedies, so they end up suffering with their illnesses. One London pharmacist, however, is doing what she can to help make sure those in poverty do get what they need.

A Dire Need

Pharmacist Mike, who works with Medicinesbymailbox, was in Africa on business a couple of years ago. While there, he noticed not only the poverty, but also that the people had no access to a pharmacist. In some cases, their symptoms could have been dealt with fairly easily to at least help make them feel more comfortable. They didn’t even have access to that, however. This prompted him to do what he could to provide them with the remedies that they need.

Lots of Support

Mike has spoken with some charities and has received a lot of support for what he is trying to do. He is still busy running his online pharmacy, so thankfully others have offered to help him out where they can. Achieving his goals requires finance, and people from various charities are trying to help him achieve that. It is hoped that in the not too distant future, his pharmacy will be bringing relief to at least some of the poor people of Africa.